Support for Families Affected by Drug and Alcohol Misuse

Out of Area Service Information


In recognition of demand for family support services outside of Nottinghamshire, Hetty’s has developed and is offering a remote access service for families affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol misuse. Hetty’s are a registered charity, initially established and funded to support families who reside in Nottinghamshire. We recognise that family support services like Hetty’s are not available in many areas, so we have extended our reach to individuals who currently do not reside within Hetty’s funded area of Nottinghamshire. This out of area service will be delivered as a paid service, which includes a variety of tiers/options to meet an individual’s emotional and financial circumstances.

Hetty’s have designed a pathway to enable us to support you emotionally, offering you opportunities to gain new practical skills and knowledge and to look at various options to help you cope with your loved one’s substance misuse. The pathway is inclusively designed to meet your individual needs, however it is not exhaustive. Clients will be safely exited from the service when we feel you are more able to cope.

Hetty’s Out of Area Service (OOA)

Triage and needs assessment

All new OOA clients are entitled to a free, 30 minute telephone triage to access their support needs. This can be accessed via Hetty’s helpline on 08000 850 941, 7 days per week, 9am -9pm.

After an initial discussion with a Hetty’s support worker a recommendation would be made regarding the most appropriate support for you.


Tier 1 – Access to website, Facebook, and other social media channels

Hetty’s would continue to provide a wide range of basic information resources on its website and through its social media platforms.

This would include daily motivational messages, education vlogs related to key psycho-social interventions. Further, core courses would be recorded and made available for people to view online.

Facebook –

YouTube –


Tier 2 – Access to the telephone/text helpline and online peer support groups (with an offer of a discount for educational courses)

Clients at tier 2 will be able to attend online peer support groups. The helpline will also be available for support (not extensive support that requires 1-1)

Clients on tier 2 will have the opportunity to access one off educational course at a reduced rate of £10 per course.

Impact: A deeper knowledge of the self-help techniques would be achieved, alongside an opportunity to share personal experiences and benefit from peer support.


Tier 3 – Access to the telephone/text helpline, and unlimited online peer support groups and all educational courses.

In addition to accessing online resources, clients engaging in tier 3 services are able to attend online groups. Groups include peer support groups and a variety of educational core skills courses. The helpline is also available as an emergency safety net, (but not as a means to offering extended individual support). Clients would be directed to the groups that would be most suitable for them.

Impact: As a client you will develop a deeper knowledge of the self-help techniques, meet individuals in similar situations, and have an opportunity to share personal experiences and benefit from peer support.

Charge: Tier 3 membership will be charged on a monthly basis for a fee e.g. £29 per month.


Tier 4 – Access to one-to-one coaching support

Clients can engage in individual support sessions with a Hetty’s support worker to explore and problem solve their own individual circumstances. Sessions will take the form of coaching support, through time-bound remote access sessions (e.g. a 1 hour zoom meeting or Teams).  Hetty’s will signpost or refer to other services where appropriate. Further, the support worker will email a variety of useful advice guides and information resources to help clients with key tasks.

Impact: The client would have intensive personal advice and support, empowering them to resolve very specific issues in their lives, whilst building the skills to build resilience in the future. 

Charge: Tier 4 membership £40 per hour with discounts for individual on low income


Tier 5 – Access to one-to-one coaching support, peer support groups and courses

Clients in tier 5 would have access to one individual support session per calendar month, plus open access to all peer groups and focus groups.

Charge: Tier 5 membership will be charged on a monthly basis for a fee e.g. £45 per month.


Clients are able to move to alternative packages throughout the course of their journey with Hetty’s, e.g either increasing or decreasing levels of paid support.

Full List of Charges

Tier 1 – Charge: Free access for all

Impact: Through accessing these resources, clients would have access to useful information and resource to support self help

Tier 2 membership would be charged at £10 per month, giving access to peer support groups and the helpline. Optional one off educational courses at £10 per course.

Charge: Tier 3 membership will be charged on a monthly basis for a fee e.g. £29 per month.

Charge: Tier 4 membership would be charged on the basis of a standard session fee of £40 per hour, with discounts available for people on lower incomes, Please see the table below. A limited number of pro bono sessions/bursaries would be available if funds could be generated for this purpose.

Band Lower - Upper Annual Income Limit Fees Charged Per Session
Band A £0 - £10,000 £10
Band B £10,001 - £20,000 £20
Band C £20,001 - £30,000 £30
Band D £30,001 - £40,000 £40

Charge basis: It is assumed that clients would receive a one hour ‘coaching session’ and that minimal, if any additional work would be carried out outside of these sessions.

Charge: Tier 5 membership will be charged on a monthly basis for a fee e.g. £45 per month.


Payment is taken at least 48 hours before the session. Services can be purchased via cash at the office, PayPal, to or by debit card over the telephone or via direct debit..

Cancellation policy:

Hetty’s have a 48 hr cancellation policy. Unfortunately, charges will be incurred if you find the need to cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice.

For further information on Hetty’s out of area service or to register, please contact either Debbie Knowles or Tracey Crosby or call us on 01623 643476.

Eligibility Criteria:

If you or your loved one reside in Nottinghamshire you are entitled to Hetty’s funded support.

If you reside outside of Nottinghamshire, and your substance using loved one resides in Nottinghamshire and is in treatment, then you have access to Hetty’s funded service.

If both you and your substance using loved ones reside outside of Nottinghamshire then you are eligible for Hetty’s paid out of area service.

Hetty’s have a maximum on 5 pro-bono places within any one year.

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