Support for Families Affected by Drug and Alcohol Misuse

Managing Emotions Focus Group

Posted on: November 28, 2019

This workshop is open to families effected by substance use and their loved ones, to help them to :

  • Understand that emotions are natural responses to information gathered from the environmental stimulus
  • Understand that information gathered can be misinterpreted
  • Recognise how the individual copes with their emotions
  • Recognise unhelpful thinking patterns/habits and strategies
  • Alternative coping strategies explored and identified
  • Recognise personal strengths and qualities
  • Understand the impact of their self-esteem on how stimulus is interpreted and the effect on emotions

Date & Time- 16/11/19 from 12:00-14:00

@ Stableblock, 10 – 12 Carlton Road, Worksop, S80 1PH, Mansfield, NG18 2AF, United Kingdom

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